Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Honored, humbled, inspired [treating self to Starbucks]

This site is now listed on the blogroll at Pet Connection:

the online home of the weekly pet-care feature syndicated to newspapers, magazines and Web sites throughout the United States and Canada by Universal Press Syndicate.

But we're more than a pet column, as we hope you'll find out exploring our Web site. We're best-selling books on pet care, and we're a popular pet-related Web log. You can search our archives for answers to your pet questions, and check out some helpful links we've collected.
Thanks to Gina Spadafori and the Pet Connection crew for this recognition.

I've added the year of publication, in brackets, to all of the PubMed studies listed here.

A search for "dog bite" on PubMed will bring up a number of abstracts which deal with individual cases and their treatment by surgeons [for example]. Breed of dog is rarely mentioned in these abstracts, and since the articles do not constitute studies of multiple dog bites within a specific population, they are not included on this site. This abstract is an example.

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Anonymous said...

Treat ME to Starbucks. :) -- Gina

Luisa said...

Veni, vidi, venti ;~)

Joan Orr said...

Hi Luisa: We have added your blog to the blogroll at the new Doggone Safe blog - non-profit dedicated to dog bite prevention through education. Maybe you would like to add our bog to your blogroll? Check it out at

Luisa said...

Thanks, Joan!